Effect of Pre-treatment and Anaerobic Co-digestion of Water Hyacinth on Biogas Production: a review

P. Rotich


Water  Hyacinth  (Eichhornia  crassipes)  has  become  environmental  disaster  in  many  countries because it interferes with water transportation and fishing, and can be a  health  risk  as  they provide  breeding  grounds  for  mosquitoes,  leaches  and  snails.  The problem of infestation of water bodies by water hyacinth has provided impetus to various agencies and governments to come  up  with  various  methods  to  control  its  rapid  spread.    Most  of  the  methods  have  been directed  at  physical  removal  by  mechanical  means  or  by  the  use  of  chemicals  and  biological control but these efforts have not been successful.  It is possible to reduce water hyacinth menace by applying those control methods that involves utilization of this vast biomass.  This succulent biomass could be ideal for energy conversion through biological fermentation process either as a feedstock for ethanol or methane production.  However biodegradation of water hyacinth with high  lingo-cellulosic  content  require  pre-treatment  processes  to  improve methane  yield.    Pre-treatment may involve drying, size reduction, and addition of chemicals or blending with other substrate  in  co-digestion  plants.    Many  studies  have  been  done  by  different  researchers  to establish the effect of pre-treatments and co-digestion of water hyacinth on biogas production. This paper gives a review of the current research work that has been done on pre-treatment and co-digestion of water hyacinth for optimal production of methane under different treatments.


biogas, water hyacinth, pre-treatment, hydrolysis, anaerobic co-digestion


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