Optimization of EDM Material Removal Rate of Mild Steel using Permanent-Magnets and RSM

M. Macben, T. Mulembo


The  present  work  investigates  the  use  of  neodymium  magnets  to  aid  in  the  dispersion  and flushing of eroded debris in the spark gap region. Experiments were performed in  a  systematic  manner  using  a  TOOLCRAFT  A25  EDM  machine  and  a  newly designed experimental set-up developed to vary magnetic intensity exposed at the machining gap. Machining parameters such  as  magnetic  intensity,  peak  current  and  pulse  duration  were  changed  to  investigate  their effects on material removal rate. A four factor, full factorial design was adopted for analyzing the results. Second-order, non-linear mathematical models have been developed for establishing the  relationship  between  the  machining  parameters.  Analysis  of  variance  (ANOVA)  has  been performed  to  verify  the  fit  and  adequacy  of  the  developed  models.  It  was  found  that    the  presence   of   a  unidirectional   magnetic   field   actually   aids   in   the   flushing  process  and consequently improves the material removal rate and tool life.


EDM; MRR; Tool wear rate; ANOVA


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