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The African Journal of Technology

The African Journal of Technology

Aim of the Journal
The African Journal of Technology (AJT) is a biannual peer-reviewed International Journal targeting the publication and promotion of innovative technological research within but not limited to the African continent. The AJT incorporates Applied and Engineering Sciences. The journal publishes original researches, review papers, research communications and notes, and book reviews.

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Publishing in the African Journal of Technology

Y.O. Ouma , S. Sitati , A. Makokha , J. Kosgei
Editor-in-Chief, School of Engineering, Moi University
Associate Editor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Editor, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
Associate Editor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

As editors of your journal, we are continually striving to improve the quality of the publications that is distributed to the readership of the African Journal of Technology (AJT). To keep the lines of communications open between the authors, reviewers and the editorial staff, we have established an interactive online communication platform in our online version of the journal, which can be accessed from the following website link: https://ajt.mu.ac.ke/index.php/ajt

In line with the open access policy, we are glad to inform you that we are now able to publish your article in both online (ISSN 2313-5549) and print (ISSN 1998-9350). Furthermore, the African Journal of Technology has adopted the Fast Track Peer review and Publication (FTPP) Processing Policy (FTPP), whereby we shall fast track the internal and external peer review and offer full online publication of your paper within ten weeks of submission of original research and review articles. Through the FTPP process, articles will be published in the current issue immediately it is accepted.

The goal of the editorial board is to continue the upward trend towards making AJT the premier journal in technology in Africa. This will require the dedication of authors, reviewers and the entire editorial board. Authors can do their part by organizing their manuscripts according to the journal instructions. Although technology is interpreted in a very broad sense, authors should ensure that their article is appropriate by being within the emerging trends in engineering and applied science.

As an advice to those who wish to publish in AJT, the most common concerns of reviewers are the following:
•    Actual engineering and scientific contributions to the subject matter,
•    Grammatical deficiencies,
•    Failure to follow proper format and poor manuscript organization,
•    Objectives of the paper not clearly stated,
•    Failure to clearly articulate how the content of the paper is an advancement of the state of the art/knowledge,
•    Insufficient detail in the abstract,
•    Failure to cite key results and the implications of the research in the conclusions section, and
•    Failure to cite relevant literature.

We advice that it is especially important for authors to clearly respond to all the reviewer comments because a revised paper is generally returned the same associate editor and reviewers to reassess and re-review the revised manuscript. Addressing all of the comments of the reviewers and editorial board, whether in terms of revising the paper according to the comments or by providing a thoughtful rebuttal, greatly increases the likelihood of acceptance. Ignoring the review comments or simply offering a perfunctory response is not a good recipe for success.

Again, we are continually trying to provide a better, more useful journal. If you have any suggestions for improving the journal, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make every effort to act on your recommendations.


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Vol 2, No 1 (2014): The African Journal of Technology

Table of Contents


Deposition and Characterization of ZnSe thin Films for Solar Cell Applications
Effect of Pre-treatment and Anaerobic Co-digestion of Water Hyacinth on Biogas Production: a review
Optimization of EDM Material Removal Rate of Mild Steel using Permanent-Magnets and RSM
Fluidized Bed Combustion of Cow Dung
Development of a Renewable Energy Database System for East Africa – Survey on Biogas Usage and Potency of Various Agricultural Bio-wastes in Kenya
The Effect of Temperature on the Output Characteristics of a Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell using the Laser Beam Induced Current/Voltage (LBIC/LBIV) Technique

For more information, contact: The Editor-in-Chief Email: yashon@mu.ac.ke School of Engineering, Moi University Kenya.

The African Journal of Technology
ISSN 1998 – 9350 (Print); ISSN 23135549 (Online)

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