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Park Karina

Bio Statement Over the years the sunglasses have gone through several design and style adjustments. They are dated back to 1600 AD. The best style is one you like and one that offers UV protection. Sunglasses are made specifically for outdoor use on the sea, at the beach or in the mountains and everywhere in between. Whatever outdoor pursuit you like to enjoy there are certain styles designed for your next outdoor adventure. You can get more information on Komono sunglasses by browsing our site. Protection from Elements Eyes can be damaged by sunlight and other UV rays, but that's not all. Spending time outdoors, exposes you to the risk of damage from dust, sand, wind and even snow. Snow: You can cause serious eye damage by spending too much time in the snow. The sun's rays could cause a condition known as snow blindness. This is a condition where glare from the sun actually burns the cornea. Wear sunglasses if skiing, climbing snowy mountains, or just spending time in the snow at any time. Due to the reflective qualities snow has, ensure you wear sunglasses that are able to are able to protect and cover your bottom. Sand: Getting sand in your eyes can be very uncomfortable and even risky. tiny particles of sand may scratch the eyes, causing permanent damage. Sunglasses that fully cover your eyes are an excellent option to keep sand from entering your eyes. Wind & Dust: Spending a lot of time in dusty and windy areas could cause irritation and damage your eyes. Another option to shield yourself from the elements is to wear sunglasses that shield your eyes from all elements. Encourage Healing and Recovery You should wear sunglasses in the event that you've undergone LASIK/PRK surgery in order to correct your vision. Your eye doctor might recommend a pair for you to wear straight after surgery, but wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes as they heal and as you adjust to your new vision. While corrective surgery is common but complications can arise if the post-surgical care is not handled properly. To avoid them, follow your doctor's instructions and wear sunglasses to protect your sight that has been restored. If you've undergone cataract surgery, eyelid repairs, or another procedure to improve your vision, you'll also benefit from wearing sunglasses with a protective coating. Ask your doctor for their advice and recommendations. You'll be able to see more and enjoy the Outdoors More Sunglasses are just as important for your health , just as they can be used to protect your eyes. There are many other reasons sunglasses should be used more frequently. If you're spending time outdoors it's a great idea to consider wearing sunglasses. More Headaches and Migraines Free: You'll be More Comfortable Bright sunlight can be an irritant for migraines and migraines that cause severe headaches. Wearing sun glasses will help decrease the frequency and severity of these unpleasant occurrences. Even if you're not a headache or migraine sufferer, wearing sunglasses when out in the sun will help lessen fatigue and eyestrain and fatigue, which means that you'll be more comfortable and will enjoy the outdoors more. Securer Driving and Recovery Are sunglasses helpful when driving in the rain? This is a debate. But, it appears that sunglasses can be beneficial in the rain. The use of sunglasses can be beneficial for driving in bright sunlight. Just make sure you don't wear sunglasses while driving at night- it's not advised and is unsafe.

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