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Easton Dominguez

Bio Statement The lighting industry is steadily growing and becoming more innovative by the introduction of innovative technologies that offer a variety of lighting options. This means that selecting the best lighting solution for you can be difficult. We'll help make this simpler by describing more about neon lighting and Led neon lights. Sneak a peek at this site to discover additional hints on neon signs. Increasing the visibility of your business is critical for your success in the competitive market. Investing in LED signs can provide you with much-needed marketing power , which can draw greater traffic to your bricks-and-mortar places. LED signs have many advantages over neon-like signs. Here are the main advantages of LED signage over neon signs for your business. Lower Risk of Breakage Neon tubes made of glass are prone to breaking. LED displays however are extremely resistant to impacts and make the best option for outdoor advertising and signage. The greater durability of LED installations can prove useful in restaurants and entertainment facilities too. Brighter LED signs are brighter than neon signs. This allows your sign to be seen from an extended distance. This can improve the efficiency of your advertising and improve the visibility of your signs and your business to prospective customers. Lower Cost LED signs are typically less expensive than neon signs of similar size, allowing companies on limited marketing budgets to pay for the signage options they need easier. Additionally, fluorescent signs can often be changed to show up-to-date messages. Neon signs are restricted to their original message , and should be replaced rather than changed. Lower Energy Consumption One of the main benefits of LED lighting and signage versus neon is the less consumption of electricity. LED lighting consumes 24 volts, whereas neon lighting requires 15,000 volts. In the course of a typical year neon signs may cost up to 70% more to operate. Environmentally Friendly The gases that produce neon light need to be periodically recharged at considerable expense to your company. Worse yet, the gases that are used to make these tubes are harmful to the surroundings. LED lights are eco-friendly and require little or regular maintenance to keep looking the best year after year. NeonDirect is a specialist in creating the most effective outdoor and indoor custom signs. NeonDirect is the leading company in your local area and provide a variety of LED options as well as other options for our clients. Contact us now to discuss your needs for signage with one of our knowledgeable experts. We are looking to serve you and your company. Summary You should look into both neon and led neon lights as lighting options. The only thing you need to remember is to think about the use of the lights. This will allow you to make an informed decision on which light to select. Look over the various options and choose what is most important to you. Led neon lights are the best option for many reasons. If neon lights are what you like, then invest in these lights.

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